Digital Art Murals make you the designer. Work with an art consultant to find your two favourite images that speak to you the most.  


Simply send an introductory Email to our 4x8art work shops. Detailing in brief what type of Fine Art Imagery that speaks to you, use our styles as guide, and  a contact phone number that we can discuss further your project.  


    Four Ways to Customize

    To keep proportions of the images intact - 4x8’ - 4x6’ - 4x4’ - 4x2’ - is an optimal use of your 4x8’ Mural.

    Some loss of the sheet is used in the act of cutting up your images, But all efforts are used to maintain maximum use of the Acrylicsheet.

     32 square feet of wow!

    32 square feet of wow!


    4' x 8'

    A large single panel (vertical or horizontal)


    4' x 4's

    Two square panels


    4' x 6' and 4' x 2'

    Two panels (vertical or horizontal)

    2' x 4' s

    Four panels (vertical or horizontal)


    To begin finding your images and building your 4x8’ Art Mural we require a 50% deposit on the project. Once your 2 images have been selected and we determine how your 4x8’ Mural is going to be printed.

    Delivery & Installation to your Home or Office will require 2 weeks and delivered on the next available Monday.


    32 x $60 / Sq. Ft.  = $ 1,920. + HST

    • Includes 4’ x 8’ x .25” Acrylic Art Mural to Print on
    • Two - 300 DPI Fine Art Images with which to Print
    • Consultants time to identify your Oasis Images
    • Includes Art Delivery & Installation all over the GTHA

    A quality Art Decor product, 4x8 Art captures the feeling of your lifestyle and passions. Printed bigger and bolder than you ever thought possible.